Scientific Advisory Committee of KVKs

All the KVKs have constituted the Scientific Advisory Committee as per the guidelines of ICAR which comprises of representatives from ICAR institutes, State Agriculture University, Development departments of the District, Media personnel, Financial institutions and progressive farmers and farm women. Apart from the members special invitees also attend the meeting. On an average 16 members and 4 invitees attend each Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of KVK.

The Scientific Advisory Committee meetings are conducted to get necessary guidance and support to carry out the mandated activities of KVK in a more planned and scientific manner. The composition of the Committee by the KVKs is furnished herewith.

1.Head of the Host institute:Chairman/Chairperson.
2.Director Extension of concerned SAU:Member
3.Zonal Coordinator of the concerned Zone:Member.
4.Representative of ICAR Instt./ ICAR Regional Research Station if located in the District or nearby:Member
5.Associate Director Research & Extension of the Zonal research Station in which KVK is located:Member.
6.District officers of the line departments such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Soil conservation, Social/Agroforestry, Sericulture, Fisheries, Irrigation, Social welfare, small scale industries etc:Member.
7.Representative of the Lead Bank of the District.:Member.
8.Farm Radio officer of the AIR in which KVK is located.:Member.
9.Representative of Doordarshan Centre in which KVK is located.:Member.
10.Two Representatives of the farmers one small and one big nominated by the Head of host Instt:Member.
11.Two Representatives of farm women nominated by the Head of host Instt.:Member.
12.Programme Coordinator:Member Secretary