Dt. 16.03.2016 - Training on Integrated Disease Management on Ginger Rhizome Rot (RKVY), Tuahzawl
Dt.11.05.2016-Off Campus Training, Hmunpui
Dt 10.06.2016 - Machinery Training, Dialdawk
Dt. 17.06.2016 - Off-Campus Training, W. Serzawl
Dt. 27.06.2016- Off-Campus Training, Tuahzawl
Dt. 28.06.2016-Off-Campus Training & Capacity Building Beekeeping at W.Phaileng
Dt. 29.06.2016-Beekeeping &  Off-Campus Training, Saithah
Off Campus Training, Lengte (Dt. 15.07.2016)
Dt. 27.09.2016 - Off Campus Training, Dialdawk
Dt. 30.09.2016 - Training on Usage of Leaf Colour Chart and Distribution, Dialdawk
Dt. 05.10.2016 - Training on Onion Cultivation under New Economic Policy, Dialdawk Valley
Dt. 07.10.2016 - Training on Onion Cultivation under New Economic Policy, Saithah Village
Dt. 25.10.2016 - Awareness Cum Training on Protection of Plant Varieties (PPV)& Farmers' Right Act (FRA)-I&PR Conference Hall, Mamit
Dt. 11.11.2016 - Training on Mushroom Cultivation
Dt. 22.11.2016 - Training on Home Science
Dt. 29.11.2016 - Training on Mushroom Cultivation
Dt.03.12.2020-Off Campus Training at West Serzawl
Dt.05.12.2016 - Mushroom Cultivtion Training
Dt. 05-09.12.2016 - IPM Orientation Training
Dt. 06.12.2016 - Training On Home Science