Farm School Under ATMA  at Darlak Village  (Dt. 14.01.2010)

Farm School Under ATMA  at Hmunpui Village  (Dt. 20.01.2010)

Farm School Under ATMA  at Dapchhuah Village  (Dt. 27.03.2010)

Farm School at Ailawng Village (Dt. 16.04.2010)

Meet with Dialdawk Farmer (Dt. 21.04.2010)

First Meeting on Scientific Advisory (Dt. 22.04.2010)

Farm School Under ATMA at KVK Complex (Dt.13.05.2010 )

Farmers' Training on System Rice Intensification (Dt. 24.05.2010)

Training on IWMP Common Guidelines and Preparation of DPR (Dt 26 - 31.05.2010)

Farm School for farm women on Home Science (Dt 22.07.2010)

Training on Institution and Capacity Building under IWMP (Dt 06.08.2010)

Residential Training on Integrated Farming System (Dt. 08 - 10. 09. 2010)

One Day Training for Home Farm Women on Home Science (Dt. 02.12.10)