Technology Week  (Dt. 8-10.12.2009)

Farmers Field School at Lengpui (Dt. 13.08.2009)

Home Science Training for Farm Women at Lengpui  (Dt. 15.07.2009)

Farmers' Training on Organic Farming at Rawpuichhip (Dt. 15-16.05.2009)

Farmer Training for WADI (NABARD) Project Beneficiaries 2009 (Dt. 16.09.2009)

Ist Meeting of Scientific Staff of KVKs, at Agri Conference Hall, Aizawl (Dt. 19-20.08.2009)

Awareness Compaign cum Training on Kitchen Gardening for Farm Women at DAO Conference Hall, Mamit (Dt. 20.10.2009)

Farm School for Farm Women on Home Science (Dt. 20.12.2009)

5 day Training on Integated Pest Management of Crop for Farmer (Dt. 20-24.07.2009)

Sustainable Development for Resettled Population (Dt. 23.06.2009)

Plant and Animal Free Clinic at Mamit (Dt. 28.04.2009)

Animal free clinic at Marpara (Dt. 30.04.2009)

Farmers Training on Organic Farming at Zamuang (Dt. 30.04.2009)

Training Programme on Banana Fibre Extraction (Dt. 31.01.2009 to Dt. 06.02.2009)