Farmer Field Day at Dialdawk, Lengpui (Dt 11.2.2011)

Scientific Advisory Committe at KVK Complex, Lengpui (Dt.11.03.2011)

Farm School at Darlak (Dt.24.03.2011)

Farmer Scientist Interaction at Mamit (Dt.25.03.2011)

1-Day Training for Farm Women on Home Science at KVK Complex, Lengpui (Dt. 12.04.2011 )

Training on Soil Fertility Management at Dialdawk, Lengpui (Dt. 20.04.2011)

1-Day Training on E-Content at Kamrup KVK Guwahati (Dt. 21.04.2011)

Training on Fisheries at Marpara (Dt. 4.5.2011)

Animal Vaccinate at Marpara (Dt. 04.05.2011)

Training on Fisheries at Pukzing (Dt. 05.05.2011)

Annual Zonal Workshop (Dt. 17.5.11)

Improved Back Yard Poltry Production & Management at KVK Complex,Lengpui (Dt. 24.5.2011)

Farm school under ATMA at Rawpuichhip (Dt. 03.06.2011)

Training on Horticulture at Rulpuihlim (Dt. 01.07.2011)

Training on Agrofrestry for Farm Women at Lengte (Dt. 11.08.2011)

Training on Fisheries at KVK Complex, Lengpui (Dt. 18.08.2011 )

Layer Poultry Management &Utilization Methodologies of Animal Waste and Manuring (Dt. 02.09.2011)

Propagation of Fruit Crop (Horticulture) at KVK Complex, Lengpui (Dt. 08.09.2011)