Training on Integrated Fish Farming System & Eco-Friendly Fishing Methods of Training cum Awarness Campaign , Saithah (Dt 25.6.2015)
Training on IPM Orientation at KVK Training Hall (Dt. 02-04.09.2015)
Training on Fertilizer Application & Soil Fertility Management, Rawpuichhip Village
(Dt. 2.9.2015)
Training on Seed Village Programme, Saikhawthlir & Chuhvel (Dt. 04.06.2015)
Training on Farm Mechanization (Dt. 4.6.2015)
Training on Seed Village Programme, Dialdawk (Dt. 05.06.2015)
Training Cum Tour WTD & SHG, IWMP MAMIT - 1 (Dt. 07-10.April, 2015)
Training on Plant Protection, Tuahzawl Village (Dt. 09.10.2015)
SASMIRA Training (Dt. 9.9.2015)
Training on Home Science, KVk Complex Lengpui (Dt. 12.03.2015)
Training on Fertilizer Application and Soil Fertility Management,
Nghalchawm Village (Dt. 14.8.2015)
 Training on Plant Protection, Saithah (Dt. 17.4.2015 )
 Animal Clinic and Awareness Programme of Zoonotic Diseases 
due to Climatic Change, West Phaileng (Dt. 20.10.2015)
On Campus Training on Bee keeping (Dt. 23.09.2015)
Combined Training at Darlak & Zawlnuam (Dt. 24-25.08.2015)
Training Programme on Seed Village Progmme at Saithah (Dt. 26.05.2015)
Training on Agroforestry, Saikhawthlir (Dt. 26.08.2015)
Training on Fish Saikhawthlir (Dt. 26.08.2015)
Training on Home Science, Saikhawthlir (Dt. 26.08.2015)
Training on Hort, Saikhawthlir (Dt. 26.08.2015)
Training on Seed Village Programme at Saithah (Dt. 27.05.2015)
Training on Mushroom & IPM, Lengte (Dt. 27.08.2015)
IPM Training, Saithah Village (Dt. 29.09.2015)